Goliath and the Girl

{excerpt from recovered journal}

They must have been smuggling in weapons for months. Weapons and people. I still don’t know how they did it.

Hmm. Maybe they gave one of the security chiefs money. Humans lose their minds when they get enough money.

[pause] I hope that’s not what happened. Even the thought makes me mad. My life is about protecting people. I don’t get paid — it’s what I’m for. It’s my job to die in the place of someone else.

But if you pay a human to do it, they’ll let people get killed if someone else gives them more money?

[extended pause]

So, Dubai wasn’t safe anymore. I knew if I didn’t get her off the colony fast, we’d be trapped in a warzone. I knew we’d have to fight our way through the separatists to get to the pad.

I just didn’t expect…

I didn’t know I’d end up here.

{analysis confirmed. voice match: Goliath 231}


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