Goliath and the Girl

{excerpt from recovered transmission}

Male 1: All clear to the station.

Suspect 5: Stand by.  Might have something.

Male 1: What is it?

Suspect 5: Oh, [expletive].  [repeated expletives]

Male 1: Report!  What is it?

Suspect 5: It’s a [expletive] Goliath.  Plainclothes.  Looks like-

Male 1: Are you [expletive] me?

Suspect 5: It’s a bodyguard.  It’s sticking to a little girl.  It hasn’t seen us.

Male 1: Okay.  Then it might not be here for us.

Suspect 5: It’s not here for us.  Can’t be.

Male 1: Doesn’t matter.  The Goliath is your new primary target.

Suspect 5: What?  [expletive] you!  You’re sending me-

Male 1: That thing will [expletive] us unless we take it out.  So you [expletive] it first.  Be quick.  Be quiet.  It sees you, you’re dead.

Suspect 5: [extended pause, heavy breathing]  Okay.  All right.  It won’t see me.

Male 1: All right.  Proceed.  We’re close.

Suspect 5: [deep breath]  Right.

{recording extracted from communicator of deceased terrorism suspect 5 from Dubai Station incident}


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