Goliath and the Girl

{excerpt from recovered journal}

She didn’t cry or anything.  Didn’t scream.  Kind of scared me.  I think I thought she must have seen someone get shot before.  I mean, it’s New Barcelona.  Still, though… she was so calm.

She told me later how she saw what I was thinking and closed her eyes.

Still not sure if it was the sound or what that triggered her memory.  But she remembered something.  Our first big clue.

[snicker]  Command was on the line so fast after I shot those guys.  That’s when we figured out they had our comms on at all times.  Marx had said she was important, but I didn’t think we were that important.  Not at that point.  But I wasn’t thinking about that at the time.

I was still amazed she let me call her Sophia.

{analysis confirmed.  voice match: Goliath 231}


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