Goliath and the Girl

{excerpt from recovered journal}

It really started the first time we went to New Barcelona.  She kept saying things and asking questions that made me think about things I’d never thought before.  I guess, questions I never thought of asking.

She spent so much time looking at me like I was crazy.  But the first time she said she thought I was a person… I thought she was crazy.

She didn’t say it like that, I guess.  She… what’s the word… she was thinking it, but she didn’t say it.

Implied.  She implied it.

I remember, I actually thought, I’m not the weird one.  Who told you Goliaths were people?


On the way to the orphanage, she asked me how many humans I’d saved.  How many people’s lives.  I told her about a hundred, because of the time I shot the man with the bomb on Kepler.  It’s probably more, definitely more now, but she was still really impressed.

She said something like, “Maybe you’ll save my life.”  And I said I hoped I wouldn’t have to.

Yeah.  Well.

{analysis confirmed.  voice match: Goliath 231}


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