Goliath and the Girl

{excerpt from recovered journal}

When I first met her, I really didn’t know what to think.  At all.  They told me to protect her, and that was it.  And they were going to send her into hostile territory.

I didn’t get it.  It didn’t make sense to put a 10-year-old human girl in danger in the first place.  And why send just me with her?  It makes a little more sense now.  A little, anyway.

Especially since she told me the stories about El Dorado Colony.  [sigh]  When she tried to remember who told her the story, she blanked out again.

Anyway.  El Dorado.  She told me they kidnap human children and take them there, and sell them.  I asked for what, and she just said “bad things.”  That was all she heard.  She said it wasn’t even against the law, there.  I kinda believed her ’cause she’s so smart, but I kinda didn’t.  But she showed me a news story about it, so I guess it’s real.

It’s so weird.  I thought humans only bought and sold clones like that.  Not their own children.

I’ve had Officers tell me that protecting children is more important than protecting adults, that I should let an adult die if I could save a child in a combat situation.

[long pause]

I told her, “It must just be separatists doing it.”

She shook her head.  Then she looked me in the eye and said “I bet you Coordinator Marx is from El Dorado.”

{analysis confirmed.  voice match: Goliath 231}


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