Goliath and the Girl

{excerpt from recovered journal}

I remember when we were 3, and the lab techs made us cake.  Dr. Myers sang to us.  Everyone else did too, but I remember his face because he was smiling.  Never saw that smile again.

Coordinator Foley was so mad.  He just stomped in and started yelling.  “Goliaths don’t have birthdays,” he said.

I told her that story, and she got me this little recorder.  She asked what day they hatched us out of the tanks, and I told her.  Know what she said when she gave it to me?  “Happy Birthday!”

I guess humans get presents on their hatching days.

[pause]  This thing makes me nervous.  It’s not set to sync up anywhere.  I’m the only one that can record on it.  I’m the only one that can play the recordings, or show them to anyone.  She said that way my journal is safe.

It doesn’t seem safe.  When no one else is listening, you can think anything.  All kinds of thoughts.

It’s not safe.

{analysis confirmed.  voice match: Goliath 231}


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