Goliath and the Girl

Goliath Spot #4: Hostage Rescue

[Text, bottom:  “Actual Training Footage”.  A small room with a single door, and no windows.  Two combat androids on opposite ends of the room hold two other combat androids hostage, guns to their captives heads.]

Voice-over: It is said, “He who hesitates is lost.”

[A third combat android walks in from offscreen, carrying an assault rifle.]

Voice-over: He who hesitates…

[The door bursts open, and a punch grenade darts through the air, clanking into the third android’s chest.  It detonates, spraying sparks through a clean hole in its back.  As it crumples, the Goliath storms through the door, rifle in hand.  It sites on the android on its right, and fires once.  The android’s head rocks back as the Goliath spins, rifle still wedged against its shoulder, stops cold for a split second, and fires.  The second android’s head flies apart, and it begins to fall.]

Voice-over: …is not a Goliath.

[The Goliath checks its corners, then rushes to the nearest hostage android.]

Goliath: Command, hostages secure.  Ready for evac.

[Cut to black, fade in Tower Defensive Laboratories  logo, fade in slogan: “Security with Strength”]


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